ESL English Tutor Instructor Miami Broward Florida. Writing a paper? Analyzing literature? Stuck on a thesis statement? Don’t stress. Charlotte can help. Charlotte is a pro at writing, editing and proofreading, and can help you with all of your English questions. You ca get help with English homework and writing assignments around your schedule.

Charlotte works hand in hand with you in order to achieve your goals. Meetings take place in your home or chosen location, and at whatever time you’d like. Because of Covid-19, she will meet with you online and go over your needs. She specializes in adult, college level English, so if you have an essay, term paper, a report, etc. Charlotte will guide you in achieving the help you need. Whether you need to brush up on vocabulary and grammar or delve into literature and creative writing questions, Charlotte can help. She can also help you complete English homework, study for finals and polish writing assignments. College applications and college essays, too.

English professors are among the most highly educated professionals in the world. They do constant research. They teach college and university students how to analyze ancient and modern literature. They also help students develop their grammar and composition skills.

Charlotte Miller offers older students, adult learners and non-native English speakers professional help with written assignments and research projects. Allow her to help you brainstorm, and turn your basic ideas into a well-written, compelling, and grammatically correct essay.

  • Other services offered include resume and cover letter writing.
  • One-on-one ESL instruction.Teaching ESL to adults is an extremely rewarding and interesting profession. Since I started teaching English as a Second Language, I’ve met many incredible people from all over the world. I’ve learned about cultures, expressions, politics, and social structures that are different from my own.Every class is an opportunity to help and to teach, but it’s also an opportunity to learn and to receive.
  • Complete writing and editing services. Let’s turn your book idea into a reality.
  • With an improved and clear presentation of your content, Charlotte will help academics to get published, proofread and edit manuscripts, students to get better grades and businesses to become profitable using creative content writing for your website and marketing materials. Give Charlotte a call today: 305-812-5727