John Hercules

“My name is John Hercules. I am writing to acknowledge that Ms. Charlotte Miller really made me into the writer I am today. I am Haitian American and when I started my college classes at Miami-Dade College, I had some issues with English grammar and pronouncing words I hadn’t quite mastered yet. She helped me a lot with my essays for all my classes.

She had the patience to teach me how to write at the college level. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to push you further. Charlotte Miller is the right person if you’re looking for a patient and exquisite helper with any language or writing problems you might have. And she has the personality of a loving, caring friend.”

– John Hercules


“If you are interested in improving your writing, I think you’ll appreciate Charlotte Miller’s expertise and passion for writing. She is inspiring, knows how to teach, and she cares about the success of her students. When I started college, I dreaded the thought of having to write papers.

I was someone who would rather give an oral report over a written one. Charlotte changed that for me. Her passion for writing and ability to teach someone how to put their thoughts onto paper in such a way that captures the audience, inspired me to want the same. I believe anyone who takes a course with Ms. Miller will feel the same.

– Timothy Thornton

“My name is Natasha Williams and Ms. Miller was my professor at Jefferson Community College. She is my mentor and now my faraway friend. I was a non-traditional student in every sense of the word. I hadn’t been a student in more than 25 years at the time, and it was scary until I had her as my teacher. She taught me the value of writing and what it can do for the soul. She taught me the correct ways to research a topic and to write about it. I dreamed about being a photojournalist, and I was able to work on the student newspaper where Ms. Miller was editor. She pushed me to apply for a scholarship reminding me that you’re never too old to follow your dreams. I won the scholarship and was able to study photography in Florence, Italy.

I was 40 years old. I am writing this testimonial of this wonderful person because her heart is always full of love. And she is also incredibly intelligent. If she tells you she knows something, believe her. She helped me believe in myself and my abilities, even the ones I didn’t know I had. She can help you bring it out.”

–  Natasha Williams

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